A Favorite Day…

Saturday usually makes people squeal with happiness. Its the weekend, a time to sleep in, hide under the covers until noon, relax, eat a dozen doughnuts for breakfast… You know what I mean. So today I wanted to make a list of favorites, a list of things that make me so happy. Lets begin.

My coffee mug

My tiered turquoise earrings

My little green birdie

My a-line blue skirt

My moleskin sketch book

My canvas tote

My vintage chair

My accordion book

My mini composition books

My fiesta dishes

My hand-stitched dish towel

Every home has some treasures. What are your treasures?




3 Comments on “A Favorite Day…”

  1. Missy says:

    You. :) I love your little birdy so much. Every time I see a birdy like that I think of you! Today my treasure was getting a facial with my mom. So relaxing!

  2. daddy says:

    my babies!

  3. Erika says:

    I have a very similar little green birdie – I love birdies :-) I do not have any of your other treasures, although I would like to!
    Some of my other treasures are my four noise-makers, my hubs, my piano, and my well-used kitchen aide mixer. Used it twice today.

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