Homemade Envelopes

It has been such a lovely weekend!

Lots of sunshine.
Lots of craft time.
Lots of eating time.
Lots of just plain loveliness!

I love cupcakes!

Cupcakes, however, is not what I want to tell you about today.
Today, we are going to make some lovely envelopes!

What You Need:
– scissors/ exacto knife
– 2 sheets of paper (your choosing)
– an envelope
– glue
– a pencil
– 15 minutes (more if you’re a perfectionist)

Gather your supplies. Then we can begin.

Step 1: trace unfolded envelope on to paper chosen for outside of envelope

step 2: cut out traced pattern, erase any pencil marks on edges for a cleaner look

step 3: fold edges over; bottom, sides, & top. look at original envelope if you need help knowing where to fold exactly.

step 4: take second sheet of paper, trace unfolded envelope without the sides. cut out the pattern, but cut 1/4” in from the traced line. you can use a ruler, or just approximate, like I did. I am not a perfectionist.

step 5: glue second sheet to inside of first sheet, leaving about 1/4” on all edges. once glue dries a bit fold again on previous folds of first sheet.

step 6: apply a line of glue to the folded in wings, then press down bottom flap.

Ta-Da! Finished.
To seal envelope you can use a sticker, or glue it shut.

I had a lot of fun Saturday night just making envelopes. Here are the ones I made:

Tips on paper selection:
– Use a variety of types of paper: patterned, solid, sheet music, pages torn from an old book, paper covers to hard cover books, painted paper.
– When using a paper that is not a solid color keep in mind where the patterns will fall on the finished envelope.
-If the pages from old books are too short you can glue 2 together to get the length needed. The place where they will be glued together will be hidden in the base of the envelope but the pattern will continue throughout.

I hope you enjoy making these little homemade envelopes as much as I did. Take a little break this week, make a couple envelopes, then mail a hand written letter to a friend.


4 Comments on “Homemade Envelopes”

  1. Natalie Sax says:

    Fun to see what you’ve been up to. Your envelopes look delightful! Looking forward to FINALLY seeing your place soon. And of course hanging out with you guys!

  2. Timothy Sax says:

    Man… I’ve got a crazy awesome wifey.

  3. vickie renken says:

    I feel like the mother of Martha Stewart (but not of the jailbird Martha) :)

  4. Lauren says:

    oh cool! i want to make these for sure.

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