Fried Egg Goodness

When I was little I hated eggs. The texture grossed me out and I just did not like them. I remember one day standing in my mom’s old kitchen when I was in elementary school and asked for eggs. I think we were both a little surprised.

Since then, I have grown to appreciate, and some days love, eggs. I no longer eat them just scrambled, but fried, and over easy some days too.

This morning I did not want cereal, or oatmeal, or a handful of thin mints for breakfast. We had one egg left in the fridge, so I made myself a lovely egg.

Most of the time I just fry my egg. Sometimes I break the yolk, sometimes not. Today, I broke the yolk, added a little salt & paprika, and added a large handful of mozzarella. So, for breakfast today, I had some fried egg goodness.



One Comment on “Fried Egg Goodness”

  1. Sounds like a perfect way to start the day, and laid back.
    “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. ”
    –Oscar Wilde

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