Weekend of Eternal Eating

Happy Monday.

Last Thursday we packed our bags and left to spend the weekend with our parents, celebrating Easter a week early. We got into town late Thursday night after a 4 hour drive back to South Dakota, then we stayed with my dad and step mom. Friday we spent the day playing with my two siblings, ages 2 and 3.

Friday night we went out to eat with my mom and step dad at a Mexican restaurant, consuming amongst us all: fajitas, tacos, tamales, chips, tortillas & queso dip, enchiladas.  Then we went to do a little spring shopping. I figured that since it dared to be 70 degrees out last week that it was time I invested in a couple new spring-time dresses. After shopping I made a cake. Not just any cake, Pioneer Woman’s Red Velvet Cake (since I am married and all I might as well contribute to the holiday meals now).

Saturday morning we had a very filling brunch with my dad and step mom. The meal consisted of: bacon, sausage, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, and hash browns. After that we hoped in my car to drive another hour to spend the day/night with Timothy’s family. We ate stir fry for supper, followed by a colorful fruit pizza. Sunday morning we had some more fruit pizza for breakfast. After church we had a roast, potatoes, carrots, corn, and bread. And then maybe a little more fruit pizza.

After that we drove back to my mom & step dad’s to get ready for our Easter dinner with my mom’s extended family. That is when we finished our cake with a insanely sweet almond butter frosting.

Now, when I finished making the frosting, I was feeling a little rushed since people were beginning to arrive. So without really thinking, I forced my husband to smear the frosting on the cake… The frosting was a little thick… So thick that it was shredding the top of my cake. Luckily for me, my husband is highly patient, or at least an insane perfectionist, and took the time to make the frosting look the best he could- which was great. He is so great.

Ta-da! After my husband finished whipping the frosting into shape, we sprinkled it with chopped chocolate chips.

Of course our Easter dinner consisted of even more food: chex mix, banana bread, peanut butter & chocolate rice krispies, cranberry & sauerkraut meatballs, ham, a pasta & tilapia dish, green bean casserole, cheesy hash browns, buns with honey butter & cinnamon butter, white bread, cinnamon bread, coleslaw salad, and banana foster salad. Several hours later we were served three different kinds of cake: ice cream cake, chocolate cake, and my red velvet cake.

Eventually they rolled us out the door and we arrived back to our cozy place around midnight. We came home with an extra layer of fat around the middle, but well fed. Some where along the way we also accumulated a loaf of spinach, asiago, & sundried tomato bread and a dozen blueberry muffins. This, my friend, is why we cannot go to South Dakota every weekend. Ooph.


2 Comments on “Weekend of Eternal Eating”

  1. vickie renken says:

    It was wonderful having you both home for the weekend! Spoiling you and feeding you and feeding you and feeding you! We are very blessed. Thank you both for all your picture taking.

  2. Missy says:

    You’re a rock star (eater)!

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