I love me some sandwich. They are so easy and all so different. I tend to prefer mine grilled and squished, my own home made panini.

I kept it fairly simple. I used the lovely loaf of Popeye Bread we got when we were visiting the parents last weekend. I lathered the bread in butter, pilled a couple slices of provolone and a few slices of red pepper into it, then sprinkled some chili powder in it. Fried him up. And then I ate it with a big smile on my face. Whoever invented sandwiches was a very smart person.

Tomorrow Timothy’s family is coming to visit us for a couple days. We decided to be brave and take his 4 younger siblings and let his parents have a night alone at the hotel. Ya, we’re sweet. Should be a good weekend.


One Comment on “Paninis”

  1. Brigette Kutschma says:

    You are a cook after my own heart! We must be on similar ‘brain waves’ as I just made a panini–a breakfast panini–this past weekend. Sooo good. Basically, it is an egg-soaked English muffin, with a sausage patty, canadian bacon and swiss cheese in the inside. It is cooked, and I then I served it with syrup on the side to dip the sandwich in. SOOOOO delicious. Love me some panini too :) Thanks for your fun (and delectable) blog!

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