The Breakfast of Sugar

Timothy’s family arrived in town yesterday afternoon. We had a nice relaxing day of going to the zoo, eating at Chipotle, swimming at the hotel, and playing video games.

After arriving back at our place with Timothy’s siblings, leaving his parents to a quiet evening alone, we started with a couple exciting events. We had been back maybe 15 minutes when Timothy pulled the water pitcher out of the fridge and spilled half of it all over the kitchen floor (he didn’t know I had just filled it). While we cleaned up that mess we hear a slight commotion from the living room. Timothy’s youngest sister managed to plop her little behind in the bowl of salsa we had just sat out for them. A little bit later the boys go to start playing video games and Timothy spends a couple minutes wiping salsa off the tv, air mattress, and floor. No big deal. =) What a lovely way to start our evening with the kids. Eventually we all settled into bed and got a lovely nights sleep.

This morning we all crawled out of bed and some Beignets. Sorry, I can’t really give you a recipe. It was a box mix from World Market. We did add a little touch of our own half way through- a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar before frying the dough.

I know, I know, it looks like a giant disaster just ran through my kitchen, but it is totally worth it. Who wouldn’t want a little ball of fried dough wrapped in powdered sugar?

Have a Happy Easter everyone!


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