Because Some Days You Just Need Bacon

We woke up in the middle of the night to the rain… When we got up this morning and it was still raining. I am so sick of grey skies. I just want the blue and that lovely sunshine.

I usually have Tuesday mornings to myself, but today I had class. When I got home from class I wanted something greasy and salty yet comforting.


I decided a sandwich would do the trick. I dug out our fresh, soft as a cloud, loaf of bread, our sharp provolone cheese, some maple smoked bacon, and our honey roasted deli turkey, then made my heavenly lunch.

To accompany my sandwich I mixed up a Holly-Special drink.

Ginger Ale + Apple Kiwi Strawberry Juice (juice of choice) = lovely, springy beverage.

*Typically I prefer to use a cranberry pomegranate juice, but whatever fruity juice you have on hand works great. Except maybe orange juice, I can’t imagine that being great.

*Also, I would like you to know, I am enjoying my lunch right this moment. My sandwich is cheesy and buttery and bacony and incredible. My strawberries are juicy beyond belief. My beverage is bubbly and cheery.

Happy Rainy Day friends.


One Comment on “Because Some Days You Just Need Bacon”

  1. kylie says:

    weeeeelll i personally like rainy days best so i was happy when i woke up to rain=) the sandwich looks delish!
    oh and orange juice + ginger ale(or sprite) is really really good…i know cuz i tried it=)

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