Pinterest Love

Earlier this week my lovely friend, Kylie,  introduced me to this website called Pinterest. Several days later, totally obsessed.

What is pinterest?
The site allows you to basically make a variety of online bulletin boards that you can “pin” pictures too from any website.
For example: You are reading a blog and really like a project some did so you click “pin it” from your toolbar and that posts the image from that project onto your bulletin board of choice. Later, to find it back, all you have to do is click on the photo on your bulletin board. The site does all the work for you, remembering exactly where the photo came from.

The photos come from all over the place, and the bulletin board options are ENDLESS. Currently I have 6 different boards. One for food, clothes, crafts, dream home, inspiration and etc. Its just a fun way to gather all the images that inspire and intrigue you into one place.

I am  hooked. Check the site out. Look around, be inspired. And have a great Friday.


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