Excuses, Excuses

Sorry for the lack up posts… Maybe it hasn’t actually been a lack. I feel like I’m slacking, but that might just be because I now spend several hours a day drooling over Pinterest rather than hundreds of blogs. So my excuse for my potential lack of blogging is: FINALS WEEK. Thats right. The semester is winding down and I cannot wait to be free of classes for three whole months! I have two more days until freedom. However, this means I am supposed to be spending time with my face in a book instead of staring at pictures online.

All of that to say:
– I’m lazy
– I haven’t spent much time in my kitchen
– I haven’t cooked a meal hardly for a few days

Good news:
– I am done on Wednesday
– My kitchen and I will bond this again on Thursday
– My basil is growing


BOOM! BASIL! Just kidding. Sort of. It is basil. I didn’t grow it though… I threw an herb pizza on the menu for the week which means I had a really good excuse to buy basil. I also figured if my baby basil saw it they would want to be just like it- to grow up big & strong! Thats what we all hope for our babies right? -Apparently parenting isn’t my strong point, I have killed 4 basil plants in less than a year… but I haven’t given up yet!-

A couple friends of our must have noticed I stopped feeding my husband, so they came and fed us this weekend.

It was some incredible pad thai… uh. So great.

 Our lovely cooks. I’m sure they both love these photos. Thanks guys. You’re great.

I will share some more love in a couple days! Enjoy the sunshine, rain, thunderstorms, or whatever kind of weather is jumping out of the sky at you this week!


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