The Beauty of Dishtowels

Good news: I am done with school for the semester! Woohoo! Cheer with me! Woohoo!

And in other good news: I have a new craft to share with you! Woohoo!

This craft is simple, sweet, versatile, and personal: Stitching on dishtowels.

This is the towel I completed yesterday (ya, when I was supposed to be studying). Sweet and simple, the letter “H”, h for home, h for hope, or h for Holly, take your pick.

All you need is a dish towel, some embroidery thread, a needle, and fabric (optional). Feel free to stitch on a shape, letter, animal, flower, or anything that pops into that sweet mind of yours. I say the extra fabric is optional because the first time I stitched on a dishtowel I created the image out of my stitching.

Yes, I see the stain too. That just means my dishtowels are loved. A dishtowel isn’t mean’t to be crisp and white forever. This project just adds a little life to those floppy things we drape all over our kitchens.

A stitched on dishtowel is also a great bridal shower gift, birthday present, late Mother’s Day gift, or a lovely gift for any one who appreciates the treasures of kitchen well-loved. I hope you are adventurous and drag all your dishtowels out of your cupboard and stitch them all over!

What do you want to stitch on your dishtowels?


One Comment on “The Beauty of Dishtowels”

  1. stephanie says:

    hey holly
    yea on your dishtowel

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