A Week in Review

I am alive. I promise. After finishing finals Timothy and I ventured back to South Dakota to visit our parents who were all equally desperate to see us. It was a lovely time back, full of eating, crafting, and playing. This is what we did all week:

I finished my stitched silhouette. Unfortunately, you can tell where I switched to a new piece of thread. Oh well. I still love it.

I made two fabric pom-poms. I’ll tell more about them later, and give you a link to a tutorial.

I made a green knit skirt replica with my mom. It looks scary and wide in this picture- but I promise it fits and its adorable.

I played with my mom for hours in her sewing room. After I left it looked like a tornado struck. I promise we had fun making the mess though. For once we actually finished several projects too.

I made raspberry almond cupcakes.

I tried a new cupcake place in back in South Dakota with my hubby. I was impressed. I had Vanilla Bean with Chocolate Butter Cream. Timothy had Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. We brought two cupcakes to my dad at work: Chocolate Peanut Butter Attack and Almond Sugar Cookie with Cookie Dough Frosting. I know, I know. I want them all now too.

I sewed a paisley print wristlet to hold my cellphone.

I made several little fabric flowers. I will post on these little guys later too. They were super easy, and are super cute!

I made a little pin cushion out of one of those little canvas drawstring bags you get when you order online from Anthropologie.

I did a little bit of fabric shopping with my mom.

I was sent home with a mountain of books ranging from sewing, food, home decorating, crafts, blogging, and a couple novels. Also, my step mom totally stocked up my cupcake supplies by giving me two new cupcake pans, a cake stand, several different extract flavors, and liners. I intend to do some baking this week…

I came home relieved to know that abandoning my baby basil plants for almost a week did not kill them.

Its always fun traveling back to the see the parents & siblings. We got to spend a decent amount of time with everyone and of course eat plenty.  Now though, I am so relieved to be back to our own little nest. There is just something about home.


One Comment on “A Week in Review”

  1. vickie renken says:

    Wonderful post! Wonderful visit!

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