Fabric Pom Pom Blowout

Yes, I just used the word blowout. I have been around babies. I know how nasty and stinky and just plain disgusting a blowout can be. This is a slightly different kind of blowout. This is a tiny-pieces-of-fabric-all-over-my-living-room-blowout.

Here is the deal. I wanted to make lovely fabric pom poms, hang them up, and just enjoy the fact that I made them and they’re adorable. Everything went fine except one crucial step.

In the end, this is what I had. Two small, semi-wierd, pom poms. So adorable and fluffy. Just don’t shake them around like an actual pom pom or the blow out will continue. Regardless, here is my process.

Cut a t-shirt into strips, up to the armpits. The strips should  be 1/2”-1”. You will also need two circle “C” shapes to wrap the knit around.

Place one piece of the knit between the two “C”s and then begin wrapping your knit strips around and around. When you begin a new strip make sure to overlap with the ending of the previous one. When you reach the end of the “C” tuck in your loose end, and repeat until you have three layers.

Then tie your piece that was stuck in the middle. WARNING: HOLD ON VERY TIGHT DURING THIS NEXT STEP TO PREVENT A MAJOR BLOWOUT. Place your hand in the center of the project and hold down tight, also hold onto the pieces you just tied together. Pull those tight to prevent fabric from flying everywhere. Begin to cut along the edges… This is where my process went very very wrong. I still do not completely understand what went wrong, but I do know half way through I had tiny strips of knit fabric all over my living room… I wanted to cry. I didn’t. I promise. Once you cut all the way around, tie it super tight, and trim it up a bit.

Unfortunately, this is what I ended up with. A scraggly, mini, pathetic looking pom pom.

I had a lot of the little strips left after my blowout so I decided to make another one, sort of.

This time I laid a strip out and began to pile the mini strips in the middle. I used all the pieces that exploded out to fill it in. Then tied it up, and it looked quite similar to the first one.

In the end they were almost identical. It was a fun project that was not difficult, except for my minor mishap at the end. Here is the link to the tutorial I worked off to. Notice one drastic difference between my pom poms & hers… Hers are giant, which is what I wanted. Oh well. Maybe later I will play more and make another one.

I hope you all are brave enough to try it. It really was fun and easy, and fairly quick. And if you feel like you failed, no worries, because I did too.


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