Homemade Journals




Guess what. I have a new, simple, craft for you! It’s a homemade journal. There are several great things about this journal.
1) you get to choose what kind of paper you want
2) you get to design the cover
3) you get to choose how many pages are in it


Are you catching on? You basically get to make your ideal journal. What could be better?






Here is the how-to!

step 1: fold 15 (or more) sheets of paper in half. be precise. make sure folds are even and tight.


step 2: clamp papers in pages in place. glue 3 strips of paper around edges along spines of pages folded. make sure all pages are lined up and all touching the glued on strips- this will make sure your pages don’t fall out.

step 3: measure out a liner & cover the same way here. pick what you want for the liner and cover of your journal. I used a manila envelope for both, and poster board for the second journal. trim down the liner to about 1/4” larger than your sheets of paper on all sides. when making center fold marks: fold short on each side the width of your spine. then flip it over and fold the same distance short on the other side. when you unfold, this will leave an easy place for you to glue the spine in to.

step 4: glue it in! run a fair amount of glue along the spine of your pages and hold them in place in the space allotted for the spine.

step 5: this step is optional- but super easy. insert a pocket into the front cover. in the first journal, I inserted a pocket like one that would hold a library card. in the second journal, I added a corner pocket. both are simple. take your pick. its a fun easy way to add a little something.

step 6: take some time to decorate the cover of your journal however you wish! this is where the real creativity comes in. use what ever you want: paint, stickers, scrapbooking paper, stencils, stamps, etc. play. play. play.

then let everybody dry over night. tomorrow morning, grab your new journal, your cup of coffee, and have a seat in your favorite spot, and write about what ever pops into that pretty mind of yours. write about your dreams, record a recipe, jot down a few lines of a song that have been running through your mind, write out your to-do list…just write! and smile and think to yourself, “I made this” and carry on with your day feeling proud.


Look at that. All done. Now, wasn’t that easy?


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