The Shopping News


First off- Happy Father’s Day to all those studs of men who joyfully care for all us rascal-like children. Thanks for being stellar dads.


This weekend was a delightful one to say the least. Friday I spent several hours engulfed in some simple Caribou time, followed by a rummage sale, then a 3 hour car ride with my stud of a hubby to the place we spent our first 2 months of marriage- Okoboji, IA. Accompanied by great food, sunshine, and quaint small town shops. Bliss.

The reason for our trip was three-fold: 1) late celebration of our 1 year anniversary, 2)visit our first semi-home, 3) we needed a break from the craziness of life.

We had several things planned for the weekend, mainly though, we just wanted to revisit some great memories from last summer. Highlights of the weekend besides spending time on the lake, was the shopping. Oh the shopping….

Last summer my mom and I found my favorite, coffee drinking, computer gazing, book reading, chair at this adorable little vintage shop just outside of Okoboji. High on our shopping list was revisiting this shop- to our disappointment, it was no longer there. However, our shopping was not a complete bust. We found ourselves at a fabric store. Followed by several antique shops and a book store. More bliss.

From Friday to Sunday these were my lovely finds:

– Wicker Basket
– Light Blue Floral Table Cloth to become pillow cases and such
– Grey & White Striped Flannel Fabric
– Playful Red & White Fabric
– “Double Delicious” Cookbook
– “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels”- Pioneer Woman’s Love Story
– Set of 3 Metal Trays to be painted
– Chunk of Blue & White Nautical Trim

The weekend was just what we needed to work a little stress out of our systems. Hopefully now we can finish setting up home (and show off some pictures to you very soon).  Hope you had a blissful weekend.


2 Comments on “The Shopping News”

  1. vickie renken says:

    It was a very blissfull weekend. ;-)

  2. I can’t wait to see you your trays turn out! I have been wanting to read the book by the Pioneer Woman..might have to make a trip to the bookstore now=)

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