Bunting Love

I truly hope all my food loving friends have not run away as a result of my continuous stream of crafts… And today is no exception.

My ceaseless job hunt is really not enabling me to find joy out of every part of life, so I decided to brightened my day I would deem this Wednesday “Craft Day”. I would like to have one craft day every week, but who knows how fruitful that goal will be.

As I mentioned the other day, I have a giant to-make list. A strand of bunting to hang above my kitchen sink has been one in which I have been eager, yet timid about. I love bunting. I find it truly adorable and fantastically original every time.

My process was quite simple, and could have been spiced up quite a bit. Unfortunately, I am an beginner at the whole sewing thing, so I kept it sweet and simple. I cut out 5 triangles and grabbed 2 strands of canvas ties. I sewed the ties together, then sewed on the triangles. Simple, huh?

Ta-da! I know. I must be cheating. And I did, just a little, tiny bit though. 1) I had my mom cut a generic triangle for me a few weeks ago. 2) I didn’t iron my fabric at all. I did use my straightener to flatten out the canvas ties… Only because I have no clue where my iron is since the move… Anyways.

Anyways! My bunting is hung beautifully above my sink…by duct tape….temporarily… Don’t worry, it has been added to my hubby’s to-hang list. He has a large list…

So, now that I have finished my lovely bunting, I will continue with my craft list. So far completed:
– mod podged sailboat silhouette
– dishtowel apron with pocket
– kitchen sink bunting

Next to work on:
– silhouette note cards & envelopes
– 2 mini matching pillow covers
– spray paint my metal trays
– notebook cover for one of my beloved notepads

I think admitting all that has just earned me a new title… craftaholic.

Happy Wednesday Everyone. I dare you to create something special today.


2 Comments on “Bunting Love”

  1. vickie renken says:

    It is absolutely cheerful!

  2. I love your bunting! And I think you are definitely a craftaholic…but that is ok=D

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