Nestled In At Last

Welcome to my nest.

Last night I finally convinced my hubby and one of his friends to make my walls more home-like. They didn’t quite get everything up- but they got enough up for me to be willing to show off the new nesting place.

Let’s start in the kitchen. My lovely little bunting is more securely hung above my sink, and not seen is my spice rack- inside a cupboard. Eventually we will have a large wire rack hung above the black cart.

Fun little story about my spice rack: First off, Ikea provided three parts to my spice rack and the boys could not figure out how to use two of those parts (neither could I, but I wasn’t the one doing the hanging). Eventually they just decided to hang it without two of the parts (fine by me, I just want my spice rack hung!). So they began drilling the screws in. And screwing, and screwing, and screwing. Not making any progress at all into the wall at all. After about 5 minutes of trying, and dropping the screw behind the stove they realized they were attempting to drill threw a metal sheet on the wall. Yes. Such intelligence.  After that, the spice rack earned a new home inside the cupboard.

Now to the dining/half of the living room. We got nothing hung here for three reasons:
1) I couldn’t decide what I wanted hung in this area
2) The wall space is just awkward over there
3) My hubby wanted different nails to hang smaller things

The Lovely Living Area
Let me just say, the boys did a wonderful job in here. I am very pleased with my silhouettes, “S”, moose head, and shelf. Thank you boys. Hanging these things was not the easiest, but it sure was entertaining to watch.

See? Isn’t this entertaining? Phil was really struggling to look behind the shelf to see where it hooked onto the wall. I couldn’t stop laughing. After one crooked attempt, a readjustment, and a few laughs, my black shelf was hung!

Just Lovely.

This is me standing by the door, looking in- nothing hung in this view. Just a shot to give a little reference.

 There is really nothing too exciting about our spare bedroom yet. I am standing in the corner-ish showing off my shelves full of supplies, looking out the door you can see where the stairs go down. To the left is the bathroom and to the right is the Master Nest.

 Ta-da! The Master Nest.

I know. Its a little plain. But in my defense- the armoire just didn’t fit up the stairs, and the room is a little bigger than our old nest. The giant mirror sitting on the bed will get hung above the headboard. Our drill’s battery kind of died… Soon it will get hung though. I hope.

 On the other side of the room we hung these 3 metal squares. We got them as a wedding gift and this is the first time we have hung them up. I love them. I think they are so adorable.

Thanks for stopping by to see our new nest. I will being showing off my studio/spare bedroom once it is a little more exciting. Just waiting to find a perfect little desk, my book shelf to come up with my mom in a few weeks, and a little bit of wall decor.

Happy Saturday Everyone.


3 Comments on “Nestled In At Last”

  1. Erika says:

    Holly!! It is so cute! It has an upstairs AND a main level – woo-hoo! I, too, am greatly inept at hanging things – and greatly entertained by watching others attempt to hang things. ;-) My sister, cousin and I tried to hang ONE giant picture in my sister’s office at work a couple months ago. We did it – after about four tries and WAY too much laughter. Happy nesting!!

  2. Jesharelah says:

    I love your new place! The whole dual-level apartment makes it feel more homey somehow. I’m glad we got to stop in and see it yesterday – though sorry we missed you!!

  3. So cute! Can’t wait to come visit. Miss you and love you!

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