Fruit Pizza & Other Delights

Yesterday was full of tasty, delightful things. To keep this to the point I will give you a list of how delightfully tasty my hubby’s birthday was.

Delight 1: Blueberry Muffins from a package for breakfast.

Delight 2: Homemade Lasagna & Cheesy Garlic Bread for lunch.

Delight 3: Fruit Pizza. Overflowing with fruit.

Delight 4: Dressing up with my babe for dinner.

Delight 5: Eating at Benihana: Japanese Steakhouse. Yum.

    The food just kept coming.

Delight 6: Eating the fruit pizza with some of my hubby’s friends.

Delight 7: Falling asleep next to my man after a big day of eating.


Fruit Pizza
1 package of sugar cookie dough, refrigerator type
1 8oz. package of cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar (plus more for added sweetness, if desired)
3-4 cups of sliced fruit –I used strawberries, peaches, & plums

-roll the sugar cookie dough out onto a cookie sheet, pressing it all together to make one giant crust. bake according to package directions. let cool.
– mix sugar & cream cheese. sample a tiny bit- and add more sugar if necessary.
– once the cookie crust is cooled spread the cream cheese all over it. then layer on your fruit! you can just toss it on there, or arrange it neatly- I opted for the giant scatter.
– keep refrigerated. serve. eat. eat. eat. smile.



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