All Things Sewed

Yesterday ended up being a day for a crafting for me- a crafting day of sewing. I got quite a few things crossed off my checklist for crafts.

I stitched a series of mini “x”s on a circle to be sewed onto a striped dishtowel I purchased a couple weeks ago.

Then I made a little paisley print apron, with a strip of eyelet fabric on the bottom.

A couple weeks ago I made this apron out of a dishtowel, attaching a little pocket out of a drawstring bag from Anthropologie.

This item was by far my favorite. My mom had this blue polka dot fabric with fun flowers on the bottom that she gave to me. I thought it would make the perfect little skirt for my adorable little sister.

Happy Crafting!


2 Comments on “All Things Sewed”

  1. sew cute! (haha see what i did there?=P lame.=) anyway, glad you got alot done! the little skirt is adorable!=)

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