Weekend of Joy

I have always loved the 4th of July, mainly the fireworks. I love the sounds. I love the colors. I love the smells. Last night as my hubby and I sat in our car watching the fireworks show I told him I liked fireworks so much because they remind of a an even prettier thunderstorm. The explosion. The flashes. The raining of sizzling fireworks. I love it. I get lost watching them explode above me. Beautiful.

The fireworks were not the only joy of our weekend. Friday & Saturday were spent with two of Timothy’s close cousins that live several hours away. Sunday morning we crawled out of our nest and headed back to South Dakota.

Sunday afternoon was spent with my mom & step dad laughing over pointless iPhone apps and eating tacos.

Sunday evening was spent watching my little siblings have a hay-day with buckets of water.

Monday was spent with my hubby’s family, eating, playing, laughing, and enjoying fireworks. The camera died though, so I can’t prove we actually had fun, but I promise we did.

We arrived home late this afternoon, ready to relax from a weekend full of joyful playing. I hope you had a joyful Independence Day.



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