New & Improved

I never seem to be able to leave my mom’s without accumulating an abundance more of just plain stuff. This last weekend I left with more fabric and a metal basket.

After resting for a little bit at home I decided it was time to get some work done on my studio. I have had these 3 square cork boards for almost a year, intending to wrap them with fabric and hang them. Well, I finally did it.

Cut out a square of fabric, slightly larger than the cork board, fold over two opposite sides, glue down tight (I used a hot glue gun).

Next, fold over all 4 corners as if you’re wrapping a present. Then fold over the other two sides, and glue down. Extra little dabs of glue might be necessary here and there to secure the fabric.

Ta-da! Done. This truly was an easy one. Once hung up you can adorn with fabric flowers, hang ideas up, or just hang endless lists. This is a great way to add a little color and texture to those dull cork boards. I hope you give it a try!


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