Mother’s Know Best

It’s true. Mother’s do know best. I don’t know how it happens, but some day the mommy bug will bite me too, and I too, will know best. Until then though, I still need my mommy occasionally to show me how things are done.

My mom is visiting for 4 days this week, and it has been so great to have her here. Crazy, wise, creative, silly, and helpful. We compiled a list of crafts for the week: some projects for both of us, some projects for her to teach me stuff, and some projects to finish making my house into my lovely nest- oh, and of course there is plenty of eating. By tomorrow night hopefully I will have a long list of pictures to show off what was accomplished while my mom was in town.

Unfortunately, I have no decent pictures yet, but up until now, we’ve pretty much just wandered around Minneapolis hitting some of our favorite shops, and finding some new ones. This is where we have all gone:

Charming Charlie
Art & Architecture
Cupcake (two times)
Crafty Planet

We’ve also been putting our sweet tooth’s to good use by eating:

Strawberry Pretzel Bars
Caramel Pull-Apart Rolls
Cupcakes: Red Velvet, Chai Tea, Triple Chocolate
Vanilla Iced Lattes
Almond & Chocolate Croissants
Bucca di Beppo
Cheesecake Factory (anticipated)
Doves, Reese’s, and Blisses hiding in my fridge

Ultimately though, my mom came to play. Play in my craft room, create crafts, and create some lovely memories. Here is the crafting agenda:

– paint bookshelf & end tables
– pajama pants
– ruffle skirt/dress
– refashion a basic cardigan

I can’t wait to show off some pictures when we’re all done. Happy Tuesday everyone. Call your mom and tell her she rocks today, because in some way, she does.



One Comment on “Mother’s Know Best”

  1. vickie renken says:

    What a wonderful visit it was! The time went way too fast! I can’t wait to see some of your creations you’ll make in your adorable studio. And thank you for the post, I feel very appreciated. :)

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