When Momma Comes to Town.

I have loads of good news. Would you like to hear all my good news? I’ll share it. Here is my list:

– I finally got a job! Cheer with me! Wooo! Ya. Score.
– My mom and I finished an abundance of projects while she was here.
– I finally have pictures ready to show you of when my mom came.
– My dad & step mom were here for a few days too this past weekend. Lovely.
– And finally— drum roll…. My friend Kylie is coming!!!! Yay! Can’t wait.

Alright. Here come the pictures. Brace yourself.


We painted the metal trays I got a few weeks ago.

We (and by “we” I mean my mom did it) painted my bookshelf and covered the back board with fabric.

We added some ruffles to a cardigan.

My mom sewed me a ruffle dress. Love it.

I painted a little table to stick in our bathroom because we have no counter space in there.

I added a ruffle and some ric-rac to some dish towels.

The last project we did before my mom left was make a pair of little pillows for our bed.

That wraps it up. Life has been crazy around here, but we’re hanging in there. Kylie and I have a giant list of crafts to do at our Quaint Crafting Delight week. I will attempt to upload pictures throughout the week of all our lovely things. Hope you had a great weekend!



One Comment on “When Momma Comes to Town.”

  1. vickie renken says:

    It was so much fun! I’m ready to do it all over again!

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