Quaint Crafting Delight

As I informed you in my previous post, my friend Kylie was coming for a visit this week to craft craft craft. And craft we did. I’ll split the week into two parts for your brain processing capabilities, first crafts, next will be the food. I’m not even sure I have processed everything we created yet.

Prior to Kylie arriving we each made a long list of projects we wanted to complete. I am proud to say I completed all but 3 of the projects on my list.

Canvas Tote with Pocket Organizer


Circle Pillow Case.

Ruffle Zipper Pouches. 

Tulle & Cotton Fabric Flower.

Rectangle Mini Bunting.

Little Girl Skirt.

Headbands- mend & create.

Ribbon & Bead Weaved Necklace.

Peach Pearled Earrings.

Mod Podge “EAT” Collage

Mod Podge Small Case

Red Dot Mini Bunting.

Not pictured: Rope Headband. Twice Failed Pajama Pants.

We sewed. And ripped seams… We sweat. We laughed. We ate.  We made a few trips to JoAnn’s Fabrics. We’re exhausted. And pleased.

Hang in there for the menu from the week.


3 Comments on “Quaint Crafting Delight”

  1. Sharon Sax says:

    I want that Necklace!!

  2. look at you crafty lady=) i probably wont blog my version for 3 weeks=P it was so great to spend the week with you!

  3. vickie renken says:

    I can’t beleive how much you got done! Amazing! It looks like you two had a blast!!! I can’t wait to see what fueled you for those crazy days of crafting.

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