Fueling the QCD

The week with Kylie was spent primarily crafting and sewing, but to make all that possible, we needed to eat. We took turns making meals for the week. We tried to keep the menu light and simple- this heat made the thought of cooking treacherous- regardless, we ate.

The Menu

This cup of bliss fueled us multiple times a day all week– Iced Coffee. We opted to go the delectably sinful route of adding several tablespoons of Sweetened Condensed Milk and a tablespoon of Vanilla Flavored Syrup to each glass.  We cut the recipe in half- and I still have 2 Quarts of Iced Coffee in my fridge. Incredibly satisfying each time though.

This simple breakfast was a sweet treat to get our butts in gear in the morning– Baked French Toast. The crushed pecans on the top gave it an extra special touch. After baking the dish, the french toast is a lovely balance of soft and crisp. The layer of carameled loveliness on the bottom is perfect.

April”s Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Croissants

Kylie made a couple dishes as well that I do not have pictures or recipes for- so if you desperately crave them- hunt her down on her blog and beg for her secrets. She made French Dip Sandwiches– so incredible. They were super simple to prepare and I smiled the whole way through it. She also made a pan of Cheesy Hashbrowns with Bacon– we enjoyed this dish several times, each time the leftovers were still lovely.

Later in the week we had a simple Tea Party to give us a break from our madwoman sewing escapade. We ate a few different items as we relaxed in our antique hats and homemade dresses. Sorry I forgot to snag a photo of myself (I wore my Ruffle Dress from when my mom visited the week prior) but Kylie is adorable in her sewn creation & pale pink headband.

Alright- back to that Tea Party Menu:

Nutella & Pecan Croissants
Toasted Ravioli
– Sliced Cucumbers
– Iced Coffee

There you have it. The meals were loaded with fat, sugar, and carbs. We ran mainly off multiple cups of iced coffee. The last morning we woke up and Kylie had to leave we both suffered from a sewing hang over. Regardless, the week was an incredible chance for both of us to learn, catch up, and make way on our endless “Want-To-Create” lists.

I hope our senseless passion to create for several days straight inspires you to dig into your creativeness and create something special to you.


One Comment on “Fueling the QCD”

  1. vickie renken says:

    As full as I am right now, all your food and iced coffee looks yummy! I love Kylie’s skirt.

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