Summer Time Freshness


I don’t know about you, but with this heat, I have been hiding from my kitchen. The idea of turning on my stove or oven sounds dreadful. This meal, however, gives a slight break from that. It does require turning on your oven to broil for about 10 minutes- but it is worth it.

This meal idea gives you a chance to use all that over abundant produce in your garden or that you’re picking up at the Farmer’s Market. Toss a salad together adding plump tomatoes, crisp peppers, refreshing cucumbers, and a handful of chopped deli meat. And of course don’t forget to sprinkle it with cheese.

For the bread I used a loaf of french bread, heavily buttered, basil-ed, and cheesed. I placed half a slice of provolone and a large handful of shredded mozzarella on each chunk. Then placed it under the broiler for just a few minutes, until browned- keep an eye on it. I served it with some marinara sauce I had in the fridge.

This meal was super quick, refreshing, and filling. I hope your home is cool and your meals are refreshing.


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