Planner Face Lift

Its time to get ready to head back to school. Some of you have already started classes, and some of you never have to take another exam in your life. Both of those sound unfair. I, however, start class next week. For the most part I am ready to get back into a student schedule and mentality. It sounds like it will be a crazy semester, but I am ready.  I hope.

One thing that I am always super excited to do before school starts is back to school shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooooove shopping for back to school clothes, but what I really get stoked about is new school supplies. Call me a nerd, but its true. I love school supplies. Picking out new notebooks, fancy new pens, bright highlighters, and a new backpack. Ah. I get so giddy. One thing that I am always quite particular about is my planner for the year. My planner could easily be my most used back to school item. Here’s the deal though. The one’s the schools provide are ugly, but have a nice layout. And the one’s at the stores are expensive, dull, and awkward. (If you’re willing to pay a bit more for one you will love as is, has some sweet ones, you just have to dig a little to find them.)

Last year I painted the cover of my planner, but as the year progressed it got chipped and beat up. This year I decided to mod podge it. I love how it turned out.


– planner
– mod podge
– paint brushes
– paper, ripped up in large chunks
– deer head print out
– scissors
– black paint
– mini shipping tags

This is what I have to work with. I’m sorry. I am not a gopher fan. I have no school spirit. I never have. Life goes on.

First step is to cover it with mod podge and paper scraps. When ripping pieces, straight edges are nice to line up with the edge of the planner, but its not that bad to have to wrap it over the edge onto the inside a little bit. Let this dry, then begin the next step.

Find, print, and cut out a deer head silhouette. Clearly you do not have tot use a deer head. I have had an odd obsession with taxidermy and the like lately. Don’t ask. Its just part of life.

Decide where on the planner you want to place your deer head. Then trace it. Pencil was hard to use on the mod podge, I used a pen. Use whatever shows up best for you, it will be painted over.

Ta-da! Now you are ready to fill it in. Paint it whatever color you wish, I chose black. Just make sure to use a small brush for this, and go slow. You can’t really erase paint. The only way to fix a mess up at this point is to mod podge over your deer head and re-do that part.

There. All painted in. You could certainly leave it at this point if you’re satisfied, I wasn’t. I played more. (Above my planner you can see about the size of scraps of paper I used for covering the background.)

All I added to fancy it up a bit was a mini shipping tag and a piece of scrap paper, then stamped my name on it.

This little project just helped personalize my planner, and make it feel more like an item I will cherish as I head back to school. Give it a try on anything, not just your planners. Try notebooks, folders, tin/metal lunch boxes, I don’t know. Go crazy. I certainly have with my mod podge lately.

If you’re on your way back into a semester of over priced text books, pointless essays, and awkward professors, I sympathize. Hang in there. Happy Studying.



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