Apple & Pumpkin

I’ll be truly sad when fall ends and all the lovely things fall possesses fade away for another year. Until then, I’ll milk it for all its worth.

This last week we made Apple Cider Pancakes. Yum. Nice apple hint of flavor. I spread maple butter on them. It made for a cozy little lunch.

Several days later we made pumpkin pie. Nothing too crazy with that- just the recipe on the can. Pumpkin pie is always a welcomed fall favorite of mine. Classy, cozy, velvety, and sweet.

To top off the fall experience- I went to the apple orchard today, picked some lovely apples, drank some warm apple cider, indulged in a sweet apple cider doughnut, and brought home a jar of apple salsa and a cute little pumpkin.

And if all of my fall posts have yet to satisfy your yearning for fall, I have a dreamy board over on Pinterest, accumulating photographs that I find to be an enjoyable representation of fall.

I hope you’re all enjoying this while it lasts! The snow will be blowing before we know it.


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