Poncho Weather

My mom came to visit me this past weekend. We got around to some much needed cleaning in here, as well as some crafts to keep us entertained. And of course, we pigged out, as always.

The first craft we worked on was making me a poncho. I have become a little obsessed with them lately, but just unable to find one that looked flattering. I stumbled upon a quick no-sew poncho while on Pinterest. I decided it needed to be done.

I purchased 2 yards of dark grey fleece. I may have been able to get away with one yard, but I didn’t want it to be too small.

The process was super quick.

Here is what you need:

– 2 yards of a no-frey fabric (I used fleece)
– scissors
– a skinny belt, or ribbon to use as a belt

Fold fabric in half so you have one very large rectangle. It should be wide enough to span from elbow to elbow, and you can determine how long you want it to be. I think I trimmed mine a bit shorter after these pictures were taken.

Next you cut the neck hole. Determine the size you want the neck hole to be, and cut it out only from the front. So when the poncho is unfolded there is a triangle, not a diamond.

Then pop it over your head. While wearing it, mark where you want the belt to go through. You will cut four small holes in the poncho. We found it easy to mark one hole, on just one side. Then poked directly behind it, fold it and half to line up the marks. Make sure the holes are large enough for you belt to slide through.

Try it on again with the belt. Make sure everything fits good. Bam. Done.

How easy was that? I wore it the rest of the night. I felt like I was just wearing a cute blanket that stayed in place as I worked. Who needs a snuggie. Just make a cute poncho.

Embrace this poncho weather!




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