Living Room Face Lift

Basic silhouettes, no frames, plastic “S”

Black frames for silhouettes, stick, paper bunting, “nest”

The inspiration for the update came from a blog I read, Under the Sycamore Tree. I love her living room wall display. So I went out, found my own stick. I created a mini collage that brightened our living room.


My mom cut out the letters for me. I picked a font and size that seemed appropriate, printed out the letters. Then my mom cut them out, traced onto card stock, and a manilla envelope for more support. I clipped mini clothes pins to them, and tied them to the stick with embroidery thread.

Paper Bunting:

My love for bunting has not weakened. I cut out strips from an old book, folded them in half. Traced on a heart, filled it in. Folded the strips overs a small rope, and glued them together. Quick, simple, dainty, and precious.

I love how it turned out. The new look fills the wall so much better.

This was also a very budget friendly face lift. Considering the silhouettes have been framed since August, all that was purchased was card stock and mini clothes pins. In case you don’t have embroidery thread or an old book laying around, I would say this entire project cost around $7 and that is on the heavy side. Try adding a little rustic life to a room in your home. Its cheap and refreshing.


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