Preparing for the Holiday

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Eating. Family. Sleeping. Relaxing. Shopping. Cooking. Eating again. I love it.

But after all of our stomachs recover from eating for three days straight, the magic of Christmas begins to enter our homes.

Christmas has been attacked by the media and become highly commercialized and the meaning of Christmas is often left in the dust. I choose to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, celebrating the birth of my Savior. This makes Christmas such a magical time of the year. God created one very special life on this earth. That life brought joy, peace, hope, and security.

To prepare my home for the holiday, I desire to make it a magical and beautiful place.   A place filled with white, and gold, and red. A simple color scheme, it brings unity to the decor.

Last year I hand stitched animal ornaments for our tree. This year, I have two new projects for our Christmas decor: Painted branches, and “JOY”.


Painted Branches:

First I gathered branches. Then I trimmed them down to the size I wanted. I measure 6” down from the top on all of them. Then I painted the top six inches white.





I love words and letters as decor. So for my Christmas display I wanted to fancy up a word that was inspiring and simple. I purchased the  cardboard letters for JOY at JoAnn’s. Then I painted them a bronze/gold. They were beautiful in just that, but a little extra sparkle never hurt anyone. I lined the tops of the letters with glue in an icicle looking format, then sprinkled them with gold glitter. Perfect touch.


Take some time to make your home beautiful for the holiday.


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