It Is Finally Here.

I have been waiting through all of November. It is finally here. The air is cool and crisp and frigid. I don’t love the cold, but I love Christmas. I love December. It is fabulous. It is sparkly. It is light. It is magical.

I know I already talked about some other Christmas decorations. Guess what. I made another one. That is how excited I am. I ignored homework for craft time.

A few weeks ago at Anthropologie I saw some delicate and delightfully homemade-looking paper garland. I had to make it.

It was a really simple project, but it took a little bit of time. Totally worth it.


– paper of choice
– straws
– scissors
– glue
– thread

How to:

– cut long skinny triangles out of paper
– cut the straws about half as wide as the base of the triangle
– smear glue at the base of the triangle, place straw on glue, roll
– smear glue at tip, glue tip down
– repeat. repeat. repeat.
– string onto thread
– wrap around your tree, drape across a wreath, hang it in a window

Merry Christmas Friends.


One Comment on “It Is Finally Here.”

  1. I think I made a garland like this back in elementary school. So cute!

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