Christmas Gift Exchanges

This time of year everyone seems to be hosting their own Christmas party with a gift exchange. All those little gifts can add up quick. Here is a simple little gift to throw together for anyone on your list.

Here is what I used to make this simple delight.

– gift bag ($1 at Target)
– pair of gloves ($2 at Target)
– hot chocolate powder
sugar cookies
– long wooden skewer
– paper from an old book
– a mini baggie
– glue
– tickets
– stamps
– mini clothes pins

First, put enough hot chocolate powder in a mini baggie to make one cup of hot chocolate.

Next, make a few tags to label your gifts:
– “Hot Cocoa”
– “Keep Warm”
– “Sugar Cookies”
– “Merry Christmas”

Then attach your labels to your gifts with glue or clothes pins.

Make a little flag with the persons name to stick in the gift.

To assemble the gift, place all the items in the gift bag. Stick the long skewer in the bag. stuff crumbled paper on top to use as tissue paper.

Now you have a simple little package to bring to any gift exchange.

Merry Christmas.


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