Traveling & Chex Mix

We decided to take a little trip before starting our spring semester. Ya. We have yet to start. Its lovely.

We are heading out to Big Sky, MT. Twelve hours in a small car. Four people squished inside. Two snowboards packed on top. An abundance to treats & snacks flowing out.

Our contribution to our snack stash was a giant batch of chex mix and a box of oatmeal cookies.

Our variation on the chex mix includes:
  – honey chex instead of wheat chex
  – honey roasted peanuts instead of regular
  – m&ms. who doesn’t love a little chocolate with their salt?

For the oatmeal cookies we used a bag mix. Sorry. It happens. Our variation to these cookies was a cup of raisans in half (not my choice. Who wants to eat a healthy snack in a healthy cookie? Bad idea if you ask me. Might as well eat a cracker.) In the other half of the dough we mixed a cup of chocolate chunks, and a cup of butterscotch chips. Now that is a cookie. Loaded with sugar. Thats what a cookie should be.


One Comment on “Traveling & Chex Mix”

  1. Erika says:

    Have fun on your trip!! Your snacks look and sound great – I’m sure they will be devoured in minutes (or miles). :-)

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