Montana Part 3: West Yellowstone

The majority of our week consisted of board games. When we did get out though, we tried to be a little adventurous.

We wanted to spend a day at Yellowstone National Park. Unfortunately, we would have each had to pay roughly $100 to rent a snowmobile or a ride on a Snowcoach. Buzz kill. Second best option- look at shops in the town next to the park.

Wednesday we made the 40 minute drive to West Yellowstone (town next to Yellowstone National Park).

It was an adventure. To start it off, we drove about 20 miles in the wrong direction on ice covered roads. Oops.

Once we arrive in West Yellowstone we were slightly disappointed to see that about half of the shops were closed for the season.

However, we did enjoy browsing the shops that were open, as well as enjoy lunch at a cute little ice cream parlor.

For lunch I enjoyed a corn dog, potato/cheddar/bacon soup, and some of the best fries I have ever had- crispy and salty on the outside, with a little bit of potato on the inside. The boys got real crazy and had a buffalo burger. No thanks. I prefer mystery meet skewered on a stick then deep fried. I’m classy.

After lunch we found a cute little candy shop too. Lots of chocolate and at least 20 different flavors of taffy.

The trip back was more direct than our drive out. West Yellowstone gave a nice chance to get of the house and cause a little trouble.


Side note: school starts again tomorrow. Ack.


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