Old Made New

Over the summer I had spray painted 3 small vintage trays hot pink to turn them into little magnet boards. Since then, I have loved the idea of painting old, beat up items to give them a much needed face lift.

In August I bought a mirror that I really wanted to paint to match our bedroom. I didn’t find the time to do that project until now. I also found a yellow, outdated lamp base to go with my chevron lamp shade that I fell in love with at Target, and a little gold elephant that I couldn’t pass up.

Here are my results:

photo taken with phone (sorry it’s so blurry)

I love the color and how well the teal pairs with the gold and white chevron.

How adorable is this little guy? Unfortunately, his white eye creeped me out. So, he got painted too.


Before: umm… oops? Sorry. It was bronze and no where near as playful.

Eventually the mirror will get hung above the dresser 

 A nice layer of paint can make an outdated piece look brand new. Another bonus of painting– you don’t have to dig through department store after department store searching for that perfect color to match your bed spread in that lamp you love the shape of. Hello spray paint. My name is Holly. Lets be friends for life.

Give it a shot. What do you want to spruce up with a coat of paint?


One Comment on “Old Made New”

  1. vickie renken says:

    Very cute!

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