Another Add On

I have been wanting to make these little paper pinwheels for awhile now. My living room wall just looked like it was missing something. I think I found the missing link.

These little friends are adorable and super quick to make.

– paper (patterned, plain, craft paper, whatever you want)
– scissors (if you’re super talented you might not even need those!)
– glue
– string

First: Fold a piece of paper back and forth. The fold should be between 1/2”-1”. Fold entire sheet of paper. Do this to three sheets of paper. If the last fold is not quite long enough, trim it off. You will want your folds as even as possible for the smoothest look.

Second: Fold your long strips in half. Then glue in the middle.

Three: Glue edges of mini fans together to make a giant fan.

Four: Glue the last side together carefully. Your three sheets will expand a little to bridge the gap.

Five: Glue a string to the back to hang it on a wall. Hang it.

Done. These are so simple. I made all three in about 10 minutes. This little project can be added to any room in the house to add a little homemade touch.



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