Bedroom Inspiration

I have loved decorating my home. It has been such a treat to continuously add little bits here and there to my living room, kitchen and bathroom. However, in the last 2 years our bedroom has received very little love and attention. I have tried several times to add little touches, but overall I have been unsuccessful in creating a space that I find cozy and welcoming.

I often sit on the bed and just stare at the room trying to come up with ideas how to make it more cozy. Typically the problem ends up being that I focus the theme around cool colors because that is what I love most: grey, teal, aqua, black, white. In the end, the room feels cold and hard. Not appealing to me.

So, I finally created a game plan.

Burnt Orange Paint
Metallic Spray Paint
Side Table
DIY Paper Flower

Steps to Completion:

– Spray paint mirror & branches
– Paint end tables
– Paint lamp
– Make paper flower
– Buy succulents
– Buy vintage globe
– Paint stripes on vases

Good news for this project is that most of the stuff we already own. I know what I’m doing for Christmas Break!


One Comment on “Bedroom Inspiration”

  1. […] in November I made a plan to update our bedroom during my Christmas break. Well. Here it is. Christmas break is three weeks over and I have two […]

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