A Resolution of Improvement

Diets. Saving money. Better habits. The common resolutions that infiltrate our society are disturbingly stuck on the surface. With each turn of the calendar we seek to resolve to present a better image to the world.

But the world’s eye is dark and lost.

The change needed lies in our hearts.

Today we attended Heartland Community Church in Rockford, IL. Breaking down Jeremiah 6:16 word by word brought about the need for a desperate change of our hearts and our relationship with God.

Jeremiah 6.16

Making resolutions is the easy part. We all know how to add items to our to-do lists. However, our success of accomplishment falls short when we think we can keep all our old habits too. With each new year we do not gain more hours in our day. In order to implement new habits, new behaviors, and new outlooks, we must make a to-remove list as well.

What needs to be cut from your life to make way for the changes God desires to bring into your life?


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