Bedroom Series: Wall Play


Today I roped my hubby into assisting me to play with the wall above our bed. After much trial and error, I think I have succeeded. I didn’t have a definite plan when I began working on the wall, but I did have a selection of items that could work together.


I wanted items that were playful yet soft to hang above our bed. Since all our bedroom furniture is dark I wanted our accent pieces to help lighten the space. I think we were able to achieve that look.


My favorite piece is the deer head. He is so quirky.

Deer Head: World Market
Cork Board Map: DIY
Fabric Garland: DIY
Flash Card: Hunt & Gather (thrift store)
Canvas “Peach”: Flea Market


Next Projects:
paint lamp
sew bolster pillow


One Comment on “Bedroom Series: Wall Play”

  1. Mindy says:

    Cute! An animal mount the animal lovers in WA state wouldn’t protest. :) I used to decorate with furs, traps and vintage fishing equipment until we moved here.

    And the map for a Geography whiz of a husband, nice touch!

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