Map Love


I have been on a map kick lately. Since re-doing our bedroom, I went from zero to three maps in our bedroom. We have our corkboard map, illustrated map of Paris, and now a vintage globe. It makes me feel more traveled than I am.



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Don’t they just make you want to travel?

Timothy and I are heading to Florida for spring break again. I would love to travel beyond our 50 states, but I will settle for Florida to escape these frigid days.

Bedroom Series: Lamp Revamp



Today’s project was a simple one. The actual work took less than an hour, it just happened to take all day for the paint to dry.



Repainting the lamp was a three step process.
1. Dust the lamp.
2. Prime the lamp (twice).
3. Paint the lamp.

Real simple. I love the little bit of shimmer the paint I used has.






The bedroom is almost complete. I just have the wall opposite of the bed left to tackle (and honestly, I’m at a loss for ideas). Perhaps I’ll scroll through hundreds of pins on Pinterest and stumble upon some inspiration.

Bedroom Series: Wall Play


Today I roped my hubby into assisting me to play with the wall above our bed. After much trial and error, I think I have succeeded. I didn’t have a definite plan when I began working on the wall, but I did have a selection of items that could work together.


I wanted items that were playful yet soft to hang above our bed. Since all our bedroom furniture is dark I wanted our accent pieces to help lighten the space. I think we were able to achieve that look.


My favorite piece is the deer head. He is so quirky.

Deer Head: World Market
Cork Board Map: DIY
Fabric Garland: DIY
Flash Card: Hunt & Gather (thrift store)
Canvas “Peach”: Flea Market


Next Projects:
paint lamp
sew bolster pillow

Bedroom Series: Pillows



Last night I made a little more progress on the bedroom. I sewed my pillows for the bed and switched out my jewelry and makeup containers. Instructions for the pillows are from yesterday.



Orange flower pots: Target
Red bowl: Anthropologie
Metal tartlets & cupcake tin: vintage










Bedroom Series: Paper Lined Vases


Back in November I made a plan to update our bedroom during my Christmas break. Well. Here it is. Christmas break is three weeks over and I have two weeks to complete my project list. I made a few tweaks since my first project list and I am ready to dive in.

Project List:

– Decorate Vases
– Hang Decor
– Sew Pillows
– Paint End Tables
– Paint Lamp & Mirror
– Buy a Globe & Succulents


The first project I wanted to tackle was lining my vases with paper. I picked out two different rolls of wrapping paper from Target.

Wrapping Paper
Straight Vases
Measuring Tape


First I measured my vases.


Then I measured my paper. I cut with room to spare. After cutting the paper wide enough. Measure how tall the vases are and make the paper tall enough too.


Roll paper and tape edges to fit vase.