Give Thanks

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I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!

I hope your holidays are filled with joy, fabulous food, and good company.


Survival Guide

I’m a wimp. A real weany. I’m also a bit of a cry baby.

When hubby asks for a a night away with the guys I’m more likely to offer steak for dinner for a week than say yes. I don’t like to sleep without him. (interpret¬†like¬†as I will cry for hours and hours and not eat and live off lattes if I have to go a night without him.)

Well… Thursday I told him he could go have a little man’s retreat for a night this weekend. Tough choice. I’m working on the whole self-less thing. I decided it was time to grow up. Put my big girl panties on and let him go. He left this morning.

I knew in order to survive his night away I would need a plan. A really good plan. One that would keep my mind and body occupied for 36 hours.

The plan was to go to Target, Barnes & Noble, and JoAnn’s to shop and browse to my hearts content, all the while holding a steaming vanilla latte in my hand.

What actually happened? Well… I did a little homework. Then tried to put myself together to go to the store, tried to bribe my mom with Cheesecake Factory leftovers to come see me, text my man, try to drown myself in Pinterest. All around fail.

Plan two. I think this one will do the trick.

Survival Guide Staples:

Thin Mints. The little Girl Scout dropped them off earlier today. They may or may not make it through the weekend.

Leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory. Cheesecake, pasta, and fried mac & cheese balls. All are necessary.

Starbucks. Lots and lots of Starbucks. The festive cup helps too.

Magazines. Helpful for aiding your mind in wandering away from the lack of husband at home. I just pretend I can decorate my home how ever I want and lose myself in that.

Favorite chick-flicks. Highly necessary. Even if they only serve as background noise to some crying.

The last staple- my mom. I guess my bribing worked. My wonderful mommy is coming to stay with me for the night because a night alone just sounds unbearable. Mom’s know how to fix things. I think she also gets out of working too… that may or may not have been part of her plan.

With my staples in hand, I think I can make it through the night. Wish me luck.

Family Visit

Over the weekend my cousin, who also happens to be one of my best friends, came to visit me. It has become an annual tradition for her to come at the end of her J-term. Her visit usually consists of shopping, eating, dressing up, and crafting.

As always, we squeezed a little of everything in.

We made cupcakes.

We did a little shopping.

We dressed up for dinner at Buca.

We did a little crafting.

And of course we did a lot of cuddling and chatting.

It was so great to spend some together and have a good reason to eat without control.

We’re Just Pretending

We aren’t really adults.

Our licenses say otherwise.

But our date night activities beg to differ.

We built it. We ate in it. We watched tv in it. It was one of the better ideas we have had lately.

I strongly encourage it.

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas.

We ate a ton.

We spent a lot of time with family.

The joy of the coming of our King and Savior abounded.

We celebrated. We laughed. We ate some more.

Merry Christmas.

Cutest Sister in the World

I know, I know. I just posted like 3 hours ago. But I couldn’t resist.

I have the most adorable little sister in the world. She will be 4 next month.

Go check out my step mom’s blog to see about her first day of ballet class.


Too cute. My sister is the crazy red-head.

Cutest little lady ever.

Hittin’ the Books

Today was our first day of school for the year.

We got all our books, notebooks, and pens together.

We put on our nice clothes.

Here we go again…