Taking the Plunge

You guys- I did it! I finally joined the cool kid club. Last weekend I bought an iphone (4s). Unnecessary? Maybe a little. Am I obsessed? Almost. Was it worth it? I think so.

Now that I have the pearly little fragile being, it needs a case. Prior to getting the phone it was easy to ooo and ahhh over every case, but now I actually have to commit to one. Nerve-racking. 

What if doesn’t look as cool when I have it? What if its too bulky? What if I don’t like stripes 3 weeks from now?

As I have been browsing I have come across some super adorable ones. If you’re in the market for a new case or just enjoy drooling over the pretty patterns, have a little look.

Cath Kidston Case from Amazon

Tuff-Love Case from Amazon

Kate Spade Case from Amazon

Leopard Print Case from Amazon

Factory printed phone case for iPhone 5

Anchor Print Case from J.Crew Factory

Hello Sunshine Case from Kate Spade

I love all the bright and spring-like designs! Any places you have found great iphone cases?


Book Love

I don’t know what it is about books that makes me swoon. I just can’t help it. I’m sure kindles are great and all but I love being able to flip a page and hold it in my hands, feel the weight of it… Uh. Steal my heart every time.

College was evil and stole all my time of reading for pleasure, now I mostly like to look at picture books because it takes zero brain power. Here are a few (dozen…) books that I would love to spend my time reading through.

Kate Spade New York: Things We Love

I’m Awkward You’re Awkward by Shelby Abbott

Maddie On Things by Theron Humphrey

Bon Appetit by Jessie Hartland

Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Band

Home Love by Megan Morton

Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory

You’re Awesome: 21 Crafts to Make You Happy by Abbey Hendrickson

The Newlywed Kitchen by Lorna Yee & Alie Basye

And I would also love to get my hands on Molly Wizenberg’s book and A Beautiful Mess’s books when they come out… I’m afraid I’m going to have to wait awhile for those three though….

Craving White

Lately I cannot keep my eyes off white things. Shirts, dresses, vases, walls, furniture, you name it! I want it in white.

Here is a little compilation of white items I am lusting after.

white mantel

white couch

white dresser


white lamp

I just can’t get enough white! Every piece I add to my closet lately seems to be white as well! I bought this adorable white eyelet dress from Francesca’s just before going to Florida and you can never have too many white t-shirts in my opinion. What can I say…I just love white.

New Addition

Over the weekend we ventured back to South Dakota to visit the families. While there we seemed to have attracted a ball of fur.  This ball of fur is cute, it bites, and pees on my carpet. However, it is mostly cute.



“Hi. My name was Molly but that is too close to my new mommy’s name, so now I need a new name.”

She enjoys cuddling, scratching on my pillows, gnawing on my coffee table, biting fingers, and eating snowballs.

Overall, she is adorable. For now, this is a two week test run to see how our busy schedules go with a little puppy (4 months old).

Hopefully we survive.

Frilly Skirt Land

I have been craving skirts and high heels lately. I have no where to wear them and it has been 2 degrees or colder, so my motivation for making my style cravings a reality is nearly non-existent. In the mean time I will just be in la-la land of frilly skirts.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

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Pinned Image

I hope you have a frilly day.

Crushing on Chalkboards

Since the chalkboard trend started well over a year ago, I have been crushing on it. I so desperately wanted a chalkboard of my own to write sweet little love notes or “welcome home” messages on, or even the occasional grocery list. However, I never got around to finding the right frame or buying the paint or what ever my current excuse was.

Since my heart has not stopped crushing and making my own chalkboard has not happened, I rounded up a few photos I love how chalkboard paint was used.


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Dressed Up


If you are hitting holiday party after holiday party but need just a touch of comfort after eating a few too many sugar cookies, then you will love this outfit. The sweater skirt from Anthropologie paired with a knit sweater from J.Crew. To get that touch of sparkle throw on these copper toe booties and the denim jacket to keep you warm.