Craving White

Lately I cannot keep my eyes off white things. Shirts, dresses, vases, walls, furniture, you name it! I want it in white.

Here is a little compilation of white items I am lusting after.

white mantel

white couch

white dresser


white lamp

I just can’t get enough white! Every piece I add to my closet lately seems to be white as well! I bought this adorable white eyelet dress from Francesca’s just before going to Florida and you can never have too many white t-shirts in my opinion. What can I say…I just love white.


New Addition

Over the weekend we ventured back to South Dakota to visit the families. While there we seemed to have attracted a ball of fur.  This ball of fur is cute, it bites, and pees on my carpet. However, it is mostly cute.



“Hi. My name was Molly but that is too close to my new mommy’s name, so now I need a new name.”

She enjoys cuddling, scratching on my pillows, gnawing on my coffee table, biting fingers, and eating snowballs.

Overall, she is adorable. For now, this is a two week test run to see how our busy schedules go with a little puppy (4 months old).

Hopefully we survive.

Bedroom Inspiration

I have loved decorating my home. It has been such a treat to continuously add little bits here and there to my living room, kitchen and bathroom. However, in the last 2 years our bedroom has received very little love and attention. I have tried several times to add little touches, but overall I have been unsuccessful in creating a space that I find cozy and welcoming.

I often sit on the bed and just stare at the room trying to come up with ideas how to make it more cozy. Typically the problem ends up being that I focus the theme around cool colors because that is what I love most: grey, teal, aqua, black, white. In the end, the room feels cold and hard. Not appealing to me.

So, I finally created a game plan.

Burnt Orange Paint
Metallic Spray Paint
Side Table
DIY Paper Flower

Steps to Completion:

– Spray paint mirror & branches
– Paint end tables
– Paint lamp
– Make paper flower
– Buy succulents
– Buy vintage globe
– Paint stripes on vases

Good news for this project is that most of the stuff we already own. I know what I’m doing for Christmas Break!

Back From the Dead

Pinned Image


You may have seen the project a friend and I attempted last winter. Life happens, life got crazy… not so sure where it is headed, but life still sprouts from it occasionally. But for now, I just need a place of zero expectations and a place to just share life.

I have one semester + 2 months of college left. What? Where in the world did the last three and a half years go? I’m not sure what’s next, but I can guarantee God will lead us there and back.


Old Made New

Over the summer I had spray painted 3 small vintage trays hot pink to turn them into little magnet boards. Since then, I have loved the idea of painting old, beat up items to give them a much needed face lift.

In August I bought a mirror that I really wanted to paint to match our bedroom. I didn’t find the time to do that project until now. I also found a yellow, outdated lamp base to go with my chevron lamp shade that I fell in love with at Target, and a little gold elephant that I couldn’t pass up.

Here are my results:

photo taken with phone (sorry it’s so blurry)

I love the color and how well the teal pairs with the gold and white chevron.

How adorable is this little guy? Unfortunately, his white eye creeped me out. So, he got painted too.


Before: umm… oops? Sorry. It was bronze and no where near as playful.

Eventually the mirror will get hung above the dresser 

 A nice layer of paint can make an outdated piece look brand new. Another bonus of painting– you don’t have to dig through department store after department store searching for that perfect color to match your bed spread in that lamp you love the shape of. Hello spray paint. My name is Holly. Lets be friends for life.

Give it a shot. What do you want to spruce up with a coat of paint?

We’re Just Pretending

We aren’t really adults.

Our licenses say otherwise.

But our date night activities beg to differ.

We built it. We ate in it. We watched tv in it. It was one of the better ideas we have had lately.

I strongly encourage it.

Dinner Party

Last night we decided to have a small dinner party. It was kind of a “enjoy your Christmas break-see you in a month-just because we can” kind of dinner party. We told them to dress up.

The boys looked like gentlemen.

The girls looked classy.

The table was cheery.

The food was satisfying.

The company was delightful.

simple, stamped place cards

table set for six

two mismatched tables
four types of chairs

mini feast prepared:
mashed potatoes & gravy
buns & honey butter

bon appetit