Back Yard Inspiration

A backyard party is a great summer activity. Easy space for people to wander, summer sun mixed with a cool breeze, great food, and plenty of friends.

Preparing your back yard for a party can be a big ordeal. Here are a few photos to help you gather inspiration for one last backyard bash.





Lots of comfortable seating is a great way to allow guests to relax outdoors and enjoy the scenery. I hope you get a chance to enjoy a beautiful backyard party before summer disappears!


Craving White

Lately I cannot keep my eyes off white things. Shirts, dresses, vases, walls, furniture, you name it! I want it in white.

Here is a little compilation of white items I am lusting after.

white mantel

white couch

white dresser


white lamp

I just can’t get enough white! Every piece I add to my closet lately seems to be white as well! I bought this adorable white eyelet dress from Francesca’s just before going to Florida and you can never have too many white t-shirts in my opinion. What can I say…I just love white.

Coming Up


It is almost the end.

I am 4.5 weeks away from graduating. I can’t believe it is finally here! I feel like I have been waiting forever for May of 2013.

But what next? The thought of finding a real job and being a real adult is a little daunting. I’m glad I have my hubby by my side, walking along with me where ever I end up.

In 5 weeks we move into a new apartment. I real grown up one. Bye-bye student housing. Hello wood floors, crown molding, and 1920’s sink.

Growing up can be scary, but I am also really excited for whatever it is comes next. Bring it on, world.

F21 Spring Fever

I love when all the new spring clothes come out! I’m so over all this snow and coats and thick sweaters. I just want to wear my sandals and summer dresses. Lucky for me, I leave for Florida tomorrow so I get a little sample of spring time weather (highs around 75 for a week!).

In addition to loving spring clothes- I love when they’re affordable! Here are a few of my favorites from Forever 21 right now.

Eyelet Skirt

Woven Pencil Skirt

Striped Dress

Hope your spring is bright and sunny!

Valentine’s Day Lovin’

Pinned Image

I find Valentine’s Day to be a very inspiring day. Today I gathered a few images from my “inspiration” board on Pinterest. Something about these photos just makes me smile and feel like sharing love.

I hope your day is full of love and joy and appreciation. xoxo


Pinned Image

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Pinned Image

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you take time to cherish those you love and recognize the One who showed the ultimate sacrifice in love. 

Day One




Frilly Skirt Land

I have been craving skirts and high heels lately. I have no where to wear them and it has been 2 degrees or colder, so my motivation for making my style cravings a reality is nearly non-existent. In the mean time I will just be in la-la land of frilly skirts.

Pinned Image

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Pinned Image

I hope you have a frilly day.