Little Creature




(Merry Christmas to me!)
headerFor my first sewing project on my own machine I wanted to tackle a little gift I had planned for a friend who just announced their pregnancy. Quirky is our style, so I thought a little creature, rather than a teddy bear, would be appropriate.




I selected my fabrics, ribbons, and buttons.


Then I cut and measured my pieces.


Next I had to pin and iron everything in place.



Sew the pieces to fronts and backs. Sew arms together. Stuff arms. Sew arms into the body. Invert. Stuff. Seal.


Finished little creature.






DIY Wrapping Paper



This year we decided rather than buying crazy cheesy wrapping paper that we would just decorate the giant roll of craft paper I got from Ikea this fall. I chose to decorate the plain paper with cookie cutters and a gold sharpie.













Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy not only celebrating, but the days leading to Christmas.

Let it Snow

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Over the course of the weekend we finally received our bout of winter snow.

It was fabulous.

It was beautiful.

It was sparkly.

It just kept coming.

Though I spent most of the day holed up studying for finals, I did get to walk a couple blocks in the snow. It finally feels like Christmas is here and I can celebrate to my heart’s content (including throwing snowballs). What is it my heart would like to do to celebrate Christmas?

-Bake some Nutella Truffles

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– Dress so incredibly cozy in an over-sized sweater

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– Drink a few too many Caramel Brulee Lattes from Starbucks

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– Wrap some presents in craft paper and decorate the wrapping paper myself

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– Top it all off with some quality girl time

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What is your Christmas Spirit longing for?

Christmas Check List

merry christmas

Remember my check list of activities? We are making some headway on it. Though we did decide to pass on a real tree this year since the amount of traveling we will be doing seemed hazardous to our little tree. However, we have been listening to basically nothing but Christmas music (check), I made a few slightly disappointing Christmas cards (half check: I’m still training my Christmas creativity), and our apartment is very much filled with lights and sparkly items (check)!



Christmas Gift Guide

I love shopping for all my friends (especially the ones that have the same taste as me). You know that moment when you see something just absolutely perfect for that one friend, oh I love that moment! I compiled a small list of gifts that most of the lovely ladies in my life would love (as well as some items I would love). Various price ranges, but each item is just perfect for the holidays.

Zara Vase Clips
J. Crew Factory Sweater
J. Crew Socks
Target Sleep-Tee
Madewell Washi Tape