Spring Time


I’m so over spring holding out on us. I’ll gladly take a thunderstorm over a snow storm, but it doesn’t sound like this rain will last. Maybe I’ll just hide behind my thick grey curtains watching Gilmore Girls until the real spring decides to show up.

Once spring does finally show up, I can finally pack away all my winter boots and officially bring out all my flats and sandals! I can’t wait to wear pretty dresses and shoes again!


Christmas Activities

I love all the activities associated with winter and Christmas time. Unfortunately, I often run out of time and don’t quite accomplish everything I intended. This year I made a solution- a more moderate to-do list. I called it an activity list because that sounds far more enjoyable than “to do list”.

Therefore, I intend to spend my December-Christmasy days being filled with holiday cheer. I will spend way too much money on lattes. I will spend way too many hours and too many yards of ribbon wrapping presents. I will deal with the hassle of pine needles on my living room floor. I will drag my husband into the freezing cold in far too few layers in order to get a pretty picture. I vow to spend my holiday as I wish and sprinkle glitter on top of all of it!

What are your Christmas ambitions?

Next Please

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Thanksgiving is great. It always is. I love all the food, all the crazy traveling we squeeze in, all the people we get to see. It truly is great. But what I really REALLY get excited for is Christmas.

Last week I asked my hubby if we could set up our Christmas decorations before we left for Thanksgiving so upon arrival home on Sunday it would already be Christmas inside. He said no.

However, when we did arrive home last Sunday night I was overly delighted to find the tiniest traces of snow on the ground.  Oh I am so giddy for Christmas!

This coming weekend we have a decorating date. Fireplace movie on Netflix (love it!), Christmas music playing, dipping pretzels, and covering our apartment with Christmas magic (which every normal person knows is glitter!).

Are you thrilled for Christmas time? Or are you wishing for the next month to wiz by?

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twinkle. twinkle. twinkle. 

Ruche Love

En Pointe 19


En Pointe 25


Ruche just released their winter lookbook and I cannot stop swooning. The products are festive and the styling is beautiful. I love all the glitter and gold! You can view their entire LookBook here.

I wish there was a time where it would be entirely appropriate to wear a dress entirely decked out in sequences and glitter. Since there isn’t I guess I’ll just be content browsing through Ruche’s  seasonal items.

Which piece is your favorite?